Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Christmas Trees

This is the first blog posting I ever did. I kept it for sentimental value.

I think I'll start with a topic that has been circulating around here pretty hot and heavy lately...at least in my mind...Christmas Trees.

Due to the ever tightening bands of political correctness - we're not even supposed to call them Christmas Trees anymore. They're Holiday Trees. The origins of this name intrigue me. Where did it come from? Have people been buying Thanksgiving Trees and St. Patricks Day Trees behind my back? Do people buy Kwanza Trees? How bout Hanukkah Trees. Is there any occassion in the Buddist or Muslim calender that includes decorating trees around Christmas time? I think we would all agree that there are no trees propin' up outside the local grocery store any other time of the year.

My frustration with this silliness is indescribable. Companies are willing to make the money off of Christmas but are unwilling to call it Christmas. "Here, have a Holiday Tree." "Wrap your holiday presents in bright holiday paper with holiday bows." "I made a Holiday pudding - enjoy". Radio stations are even afraid to play traditional religious Christmas carols because of the reference to Jesus. Listen to them.

I'm not a Bible beater, but - JEEZ, give me a break! Christmas is to celebrate the birth of the Christ child. After all he did for us, the least we can do is celebrate HIS birthday with out muddling it in political mumbo-jumbo. Let's at least keep one thing free from stupidity.



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