Wednesday, March 22, 2006

She's growing up

I've been thinking about L and how fast she's growing. I've realized that time is really getting away from me. In a month she will be 8 yrs. old and on the doorstep of puberty ( I hit it when I was 9). GOD! That is so scary!!!!

My angel will screaming at me very shortly for any reason that she can find - and for no reason. I tremble to think about it.

I look back and I think when she was:

A BABY - hurry up and get bigger so we can play together and I won't have to change your diapers. I'm not really that good with babies - but I do love kissing your velvety soft, and very chubby little cheeks.

A TODDLER - WOW! Aren't you so cute! I love to watch you try to put your shoes on. Blond hair in a natural afro. I love it best when you run to me with your arms stretched out and reaching high.

A KINDERGARTENER - Whoa! My kid is going to school! I feel so weird. Isn't she cute in her little school clothes?

ELEMENTARY SCHOOL - I am so, so old. You are so smart and beautiful. Kick the other kids butt if you have to but only if they hit you first.

I'm to young for my daughter to scream at me and think hateful evil thoughts about me. The sad part of this is that I know she is going to. She is entirely to much like her mother - and I was an evil, evil child.




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