Sunday, April 02, 2006


My day started off simply, wonderfully. I got to sleep in.
I woke up about 7am and couldn't figure out why C wasn't screaming. Through my sleep induced haze, I figured that Hubby had gotten up with Super Baby during the night and let me sleep so C was sleeping a little later that usual. I was relishing this. I heard the TV in the living room on so I knew L was up and watching cartoons and had probably already helped herself to a bowl of cereal. I laid there in the cool morning. The windows open and the breeze gently gusting in, making the blinds beat a tattoo against the window. I listened to the sound of the long dead fall leaves rustling outside my window, and savored the occasional faint scent of a far away flower blooming as it circled the bedroom. I watched Hubby sleep briefly and rolled onto my back.

"I'm going to soak up this day." I thought. I got out of bed and did my morning routine - minus the sounds of Super Baby and felt odd, guilty, and indulgent all at the same time. I had promised Hubby that he could sleep in today - uninterrupted sleep - all night and until at least 9:30am. I wouldn't rouse him to even check his sugar - I would do it for him, and there he was getting up to take care of the baby so I could sleep. "God I love this man." I thought.

I stepped into the living room and there was L with her feet curled underneath her in the recliner, hair tousled with sleep and a smudge of dirt on her cheek. We had S & J over to the house last night for a small cook out and she had fallen asleep in my lap right after dinner. I stuffed her into bed with the clothes on that she had worn all day and that was what she was wearing now. "Hi Mommy." "Morning sweets" I let the dog out, let the two cats out that had come in last night and went outside to smoke a cigarette. I loved that about living way out in the country. There was no way I could smoke a cigarette in the morning breeze snuggled in tatty bath robe with a towel wrapped around my head on my back porch in a subdivision.

I came back in and headed for the O.J. "Are you up now? I'm really hungry. I want something to eat." "Yes, I'm up now. What do you want this morning?" It's our tradition to cook a big breakfast on Sunday mornings. "Just some cereal." I looked surprised for a moment - L lives for pancakes - and said - "Okay - go get it."

I got a call right then from S next door. "Hey! Is she ready yet?" "Ready? Ready for what?" "Church." "Church? I don't think she is planning on going today S. She's grubbin' on cereal and watching cartoons." "What? She called me this morning and wanted to know if we were going." "Huh? She called you?" "Yeah, said that you and Hubby were still asleep but C was up and she had just given him a bottle." "HUH! What! You're kidding me. WHAT?!" "So are we going to church?" "Uh... hold on a minute." phone to my chest "L honey, do you want to go to church today?" "Yeah." "S, L says she wants to go." "Tell her to get ready. I'll be there in about 15 minutes." "K" I hung the phone up and stood there stunned. L had let me her daddy and I sleep in and used the phone by herself because she wanted to go to church.

We're going to church as a family next Sunday. L will be getting a season pass to Kings Dominion for her birth day later this month - expensive for us, but she has more than earned it. I have a great daughter. She is an exceptional person inside and out. My mother told me just last night that L is my "Mini Me". I have referred to her that way a couple of times myself, but this morning, I realized she's not.

She is better.

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