Friday, November 03, 2006

Stop Nagging Me Already

Yes yes yes. I know....I'm a bad mother and didn't post any Halloween pictures for live with it. I sent a couple to my mother via camera phone and that's it.

Connor went as a Lil' Devil. I tried explaining to the people who oooooohed and aaaaahed that it wasn't a costume but they just laughed.......I wasn't kidding.

Lauren went as an Angel, complete with great big white wings (purchased), one silver halo (made- that promptly broke as soon as we made our first steps), one long flow-ee shirt trimmed with silver medallion thingys (shirt purchased, I sewed the medallion thingys on), and one really long skirt in a nice silvery-white, trimmed with more silver medallion thingys (I made the skirt and sewed the medallion thingys on - my sewing machine resisted all attempts to be operated by a sewing idiot...but I eventually put it in the head lock and it gave in), outfit completed with tights and tennis shoes (she wanted to wear a pair of her sandals that she had this summer that had heels - I told her she was smoking crack and to go get her tennis shoes on).

I was supposed to dress up as a witch but that didn't work out unfortunately. Charles wasn't feeling very well so I didn't have time to get all made up...I had even gone out and bought some warts, and ugly nose and a long chin to glue on, and some witch's make-up. Charles was supposed to go as a convict (black & white striped costume) - but instead he was a prisoner of the sandman.

Boys 1&2 both went as NINJA's, and I can tell you, it was funny as hell watching them trying to creep up on a couple of the houses and sneak some candy. They were gotten back by one man who had dressed up as a zombie and was propped in the corner of a porch (think floppy a scarecrow) with the bowl of candy on his lap....they went to grab and WHAMMO!!! instant screaming and crying Ninja's. They didn't take it well.....and yeah, I may be cruel....but I'm STILL laughing at that.

Stinky and Redhead were there too. Redhead led the way and made sure no children got to far ahead. Stinky at candy while fussing at the kids that they couldn't have any until it was inspected *chew, slobber, gulp*. (I fussed at him - his response? - that piece was okay).

All the kids fell asleep on the way home - except for Lauren, and we stopped by our neighbors house S & J and then we were home again. Boy 2 (4 years old) wouldn't wake up and was tucked in to bed in his costume, Boy 1 (6 years old) briefly regained conscienceness for just enough time to remove his costume, slip on some pj's and was off to bed.

Superbaby (18 months old) woke up when we pulled in the driveway and was immediately stripped, wiped down, dressed and put to

Lauren (8 years old) however, immediately dumped her bucket of candy onto the dining room table and sorted everything in little piles of all candy that was the same and hovered over it until I inspected it. I was expecting her to devour at least a couple of pieces, but she was content that only 3 pieces got the heave-ho and put it all away again after looking at her sugar treasure once more, counted it carefully, and put it all back in the bucket. She took a shower and went to bed.

The adults just kind of looked at each other and went to bed. All of us were in bed by 8 pm.....a true sign that we're all getting old.

Hope you all had a great time...I'm going to sneak some candy.....see ya later.